Live Oak Sprinkler Repair

Live Oak Sprinkler Repair techs adjust every pop up head by handThere are several small things that can go wrong in the set-up of an irrigation system that can lead to poor performance and a patchy lawn. Our Live Oak sprinkler repair specialists have seen this happen time and time again. A sprinkler system may be a set-it-and-forget-it tool, but just like all tools, it needs regular maintenance to maintain top performance.

The number one reason that sprinkler systems fail is because they are not properly prepared for the winter months. If you don't call a professional in to do a complete blowout and winterization, left over water can freeze in the seals and delivery lines resulting in underground breaks and cracked seals. A poorly winterized system will require major fixes before it can be used the following spring. Our Live Oak sprinkler repair team has seen this on more than one occasion.

If sprinkler heads aren't cleaned out they can become clogged with grass clippings, leaves, dirt, wrappers, torn paper and other items that are easily tossed about by the wind. This can lead to heads getting jammed, rotors failing and valves being broken. Having a simple maintenance scheduled once every three months is usually enough to prevent these pop up failures. If a head is damaged, we carry every major brand on our trucks and can replace it on the spot. This is one of our top Live Oak sprinkler repairs.

Live Oak Sprinkler Repair by Consumate Professionals

a pop up head installed by the professional Live Oak Irrigation Repair teamIf it has been a while since your sprinkler system was installed, it probably isn't still optimized for your current lawn's needs. Foundation plantings and flower beds often have much larger plants in them than they did at the time of set-up and the height of the lawn has probably changed as well. The original heads that were installed originally often don't rise up high enough out of the dirt to effectively irrigate the land. Our Live Oak sprinkler repair techs can switch out 2 and 4 inch pop up heads for larger 6 and 12 inch models. This simple change is often all that is needed to restore coverage to your system.

There are hundreds of things that can go wrong with a system of this complexity. A single cracked valve can change the pressure settings for any, or even all, of sprinkler heads down the line. Most of the problems with sprinkler systems result in similar symptoms so our techs come fully prepared for anything. Our trucks are fitted with every make and model of sprinkler head currently available, enough to cover the Live Oak and have some left over. We also carry all of our tools to each job site. We can repair any problem, big or small, usually within a few hours of arrival. Of course, very large jobs or systems may require some extra time. Whatever the case, we will keep you apprised of the situation and an estimated completion time. Give us a call and see what a professional sprinkler repair team can do for you.

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